About Me – Abigail Frey

Hello! My name is Abigail, I go by Abby. I developed an interest in the subject of CBD Compound and other medical benefits of Cannabis from a personal experience with the use of the chemical. I was suffering from a combination of pain after the birth of a child and a serious depression hit me. My doctors were not fully able to treat me and these dark feelings and pain lingered with me on the day to day. This was until I read about CBD and the benefits of Medical Cannabis and found they treated my symptoms much better than most of the medications I was on. I still use a few medications, but much less than before as CBD as taken care of me in ways I could not believe!

I would frequently suffer from bouts of heavy depression all the way from my youth, causing me to have much issues with my schoolings and social life. I would party-hard and I really didn’t care about myself much. People would always tell me I was smart and I’d ignored them just to go ahead the next dumb thing available. Self-destruction seemed to be my calling for much of my time until my mid-twenties, when I became pregnant with my first child. I attempted to turn my life around for the good of my future son. But, when I finally gave birth those old feelings of self-loathing came back. I tried to treat them through meditation and exercise unsuccessfully, and then turned to medications from my doctors. Some of them helped the feelings to a certain extent, but really only by turning me into a zombie and a shadow of my former self.

 I always liked myself to a certain extent, though it was mixed with feelings of despair from time to time. A lot of highs and lows happened throughout my life and I did not want to impart this kind of thought process onto my child, but I did not them to know their mother as this boring single mother with no real personality of her own. So when I finally did learn about CBD oil and its potential to alleviate much of what I was suffering with without my medications but minus the side-effects I took that opportunity immediately. Within a week I found myself able to think clearly and enjoy life from my perspective again. I was ecstatic!

From then on I’ve been a user of CBD Oil, and a huge advocator of its legality everywhere. I’ve set my sights on helping spread this word to whoever that will listen, thus me here right now talking to you. Writing has always been a hobby of mine, so this seems the natural extension of things I love. So, if you’re finding yourself suffering from some of these issues I’m talking about here, give CBD oil a try! I never regretted it.

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