CBD Oil Uses

Within the chemical make-up of the Cannabis plant lies two specific chemicals that have been getting a lot of attention from the Medical Community. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the more famous of the two receiving much of the public eye from the media, for better or worse. However,  cannabidiol, or CBD, deserves just as much if not more attention as its medical benefits far outweigh THC’s without any of the potentially negative psychoactive effects that is associated with the chemical. CBD is found naturally throughout every type of Cannabis plant, including hemp, and provides many power effects to its users without the feelings of paranoia or panic that can unfortunately sometimes be felt under the influence of Cannabis.

CBD is popularly used as an extraction or tincture called CBD Oil. This can be applied topically or orally and in certain mixtures vaporized to alleviate certain ailments from many categories. It is created by a cold press techniques that squeezes the oils from non-psychoactive cannabis seeds. Due to the simplicity of its creation it is a relatively inexpensive alternative to many cost-prohibitive pharmaceuticals that are so popular nowadays. These oils are so effective that many doctors and researchers around the world are testing it on a variety of physical and psychological issues, to great success. CBD oil is a legitimate natural alternative to the drug culture of westernized medicine.

As far as medical benefits go, CBD is most often praised for its positive effects on those suffering from epilepsy. It works by calming certain sections of the brain that can misfire, causing the seizure initially. In many patients the benefits from CBD added to their medications is so effective that it can completely replace the pharmaceuticals themselves. Epilepsy sufferers using CBD report a staggering reduction in the number of seizures they have, to the point that it is completely manageable by simply dosing with their CBD daily.

Another popular use of CBD oils is for those suffering from psychological issues such as anxiety or depression. In those who use CBD to alleviate their symptoms they feel a much better sense of well-being and more energy to help get them out and about, negating their symptoms nearly altogether. Anxiety patients also feel much safer and less fearful while under the effects of CBD, which isn’t all that surprising considering it does the same to Cannabis users while under the effects of THC.

Additionally CBD oil is used highly effectively in the treatment of physical pain. Fibromyalgia is a diseased which causes incredibly painful inflammation throughout the muscles and joint of the body, and CBD oil has been shown to be anti-inflammatory in animals. So researchers went out and tested CBD oil on sufferers of the disease and found an amazing reduction of symptoms in pain, even greater than those who used more traditional patients. Other conditions such as arthritis and chronic back pain as well as other chronic pain conditions showed similar improvements over the standard pain management medications. Chron’s disease as well, which is the inflammation of the bowels, has been successfully alleviated through the use of CBD oil taken internally. A lot of relief from pain sufferers can be brought out about CBD oil, with almost no side-effects in the patient!

A recently new development in the use of CBD is that of its use in addiction. Nicotine addiction specifically. In a double blind study participants were given half a placebo inhaler and the other half one containing a CBD compound. They were asked to puff the inhaler every time they felt the need to smoke. All those given the placebo found themselves smoking the same amount of cigarettes, unsurprisingly. On the other side, though, an astounding 40 percent reduction of cigarette intake was achieved without increasing their nicotine craving like many normal methods such as cold turkey or the patch. CBD is currently undergoing testing for other types of addiction as well.

Topically CBD has been shown to be an anti-inflammatory for many types of conditions. Eczema sufferers have a marked lessened amount of bouts of the dry inflame skin. Acne patients, as well, have achieved a huge decrease in their skin condition because CBD oil works as a sebostatic and anti-inflammatory at the same time. There are many medications that have both these properties, but those same medications contain some nasty side effects whereas CBD oil is nearly 100% safe. Definitely worth trying out for anyone with a skin condition such as one of these.

The anti-anxiety properties of CBD extend far past just generalized anxiety disorders. People with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have been successfully using CBD for a fair amount of time as a way to treat their intense anxiety attacks as CBD works by slowing down certain areas of the brain. Relief in stress and anxiety is highly important for those with these kinds of mental disorders and any type of relief make a huge impact in their quality of life. Furthermore, CBD has been shown to be effective even in one of the most severe type of anxiety and paranoia disorders out there, schizophrenia. CBD works as a mild anti-psychotic as well as its anti-depressive and anti-anxiety properties. In studies CBD was shown to be just as effective as many of the common pharmaceutical options without the sometimes intense side effects that these medications have. If suffering from one of these disorders, CBD oil may indeed be a very viable and natural option.

CBD oil and to a lesser extent its cousin THC have both been shown time and time again throughout history to be very effective at treating a litany of diseases, luckily for us they are both coming back into the mainstream. The UK very recently has approved the use of CBD oil for treatments of these kinds and many more. If suffering from one of these illnesses, or others like them, please take a moment to consider the viability of CBD oil in your own life. It could be just what the doctor ordered.

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